Past Exhibitions

Solo and Two-Person

  • Vocation, Chrysler Art Museum Glass Studio, Norfolk, VA (July 18-24, 2016). Solo.
  • Habit, Selden Offsite Gallery, Norfolk, VA (March/April 2015). With painter Roy Baugher.
  • Remainders, Neil Britton Gallery, Virginia Wesleyan College, VA (October-December 2013). Solo.
  • Elemental, The Gallery at Pavilion II, Virginia Beach, VA (January-March 2013). Solo.
  • Whitewash and Erosion (selections), Sandler Center for the Arts, Virginia Beach, VA (Summer 2011). Solo.
  • Cross-References, Lorrie Saunders Art Gallery, Norfolk, VA (February-March 2010). With sculptor May Britton.
  •  Whitewash, Selden Gallery, Norfolk, VA (November/December 2007). Solo.

Group Shows

  • Facing our Fear, d’Art Center and Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (January 20-February 22, 2017). Group. Juried.
  • Virginia Artists 2016 Juried Exhibition, Charles H. Taylor Art Center, Hampton, VA. (August 20-October 9, 2016). Juried.
  • NEON Festival, NEON District, Norfolk, VA (October 16-17, 2015). Invited.
  • The Show 2015 D’Art Center, Norfolk, VA (February 2015). Juried.
  •  Substrata: Layered Meanings in Contemporary Art, Selden Gallery, Norfolk, VA (September 29-November25, 2012). Juried.
  •  art·ic·u·late (ärt- k y-l t) Selden Gallery, Norfolk, VA. (April 27-June 10, 2012). Invited.
  •  Assemblage, Collage and Mixed Media by Virginia Artists, Charles H. Taylor Art Center, Hampton, VA. (June 4-July 10, 2011). Invited.
  •  Art Everywhere, Norfolk, VA (May-July 2010). Juried.
  •  “zoomandscale,” Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria (January 31-February 2, 2008). Juried.
  •  Small Works: Miniatures by Hampton Roads Artists, Charles H. Taylor Art Center, Hampton, VA. (October 2008). Invited.
  •  The New World Exhibit, Charles H. Taylor Art Center, Hampton, VA. (April-June 2007). Juried.
  •  By Our Heirs Forever: New Waves 2007, Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, Virginia Beach, VA (March-June 2007). Juried.
  •  Shades of Summer, Indigo Contemporary Art Gallery, Norfolk, VA (July-September 2005). Invited.